CA$H mobs – the new flash mobs.

Since we are on the note of sharing (thanks to Rachel Botsman’s TED speech on collaborative consumption), I thought I should mention the new phenomenonCa$h Mobs“.

Photo by Ed Yourdon - Creative Commons

What is cash mobbing you ask? Think of a Flash mob, but with CASH. It’s a way that people are joining forces to help drive business for small local companies.

With everyone keeping a close eye on their wallets, people are using every means possible to save a few bucks. The marketing concept of Groupons, has been great for savers, but not necessarily beneficial for businesses. Now this flash concept is being turned upside-down. Instead of large amounts of people flocking to a company for its discount, events are being created and advertised for mobs of people to show up and spend their money.

So why am I telling this to you, conscious consumer? Because I think this new trend shows the power of people working together towards making consumer changes. Supporting local businesses helps produce local jobs, stimulate the local economy and reduce hyper production of goods by big corporations. Clever idea, don’t you think? 

Wanna help out, find a cash mob event in your area. Or if you’re feeling really inspirational, you can start one for your favorite local business. Only one rule though, just make sure you bring your cash!


4 thoughts on “CA$H mobs – the new flash mobs.

  1. I love this blog post–I think it is extremely accessible and catchy and makes me want to learn more about these cash mobs and how I can be a “conscious consumer” without feeling guilty about my decision-making. I can’t wait to keep reading your posts. Keep em coming!

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